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How is a Hernia Surgery/Repair Performed?

A Hernia Repair is the surgical correction of a hernia, where the weakened area of a muscle, tissue, or protrusion is reinforced and strengthened. A Hernia Surgeon like Dr Kan may recommend a hernia repair to treat hernias causing pain or other symptoms.

Surgical approaches to hernia repair are done using one of the following approaches:

• Laparoscopic surgery
Performed under general anaesthesia, this form of surgery involves smaller incisions when compared to open surgery. A laparoscope with an attached camera is used to perform the same function as open surgery through very tiny incisions.

• Open surgery
The surgeon will make an incision where the hernia is located. Next, the protruding tissue will be gently pushed back in its proper place. If this is not possible, the hernia will be tied off or removed. To prevent it from recurring, the weakened muscle wall is reinforced with a mesh for additional support.
Recovery period for a hernia surgery
Recovery time varies from person to person, depending on the type of hernia and type of procedure. Laparoscopic surgery ensures that patients recover more quickly and may be allowed to return to normal activity quickly and would definitely face less pain & discomfort.