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What Is Ventral/Incisional Hernia?

An incisional hernia is a protrusion of tissue that typically forms at the site of a previous surgery/healing surgical scar. In this area the abdominal muscles have weakened, which therefore results in a bulge or a tear. This causes the inner lining of the abdomen to protrude through the weakened area of the abdominal wall to form a balloon-like sac. This can allow a loop of intestines or other abdominal tissues to push into the sac.This type of hernia accounts for 15-20 percent of all abdominal hernias.

People who had abdominal surgery are especially at-risk for developing incisional hernias. They are especially prone to Incisional Hernias three to six months following the procedure, when the tissues are still healing from the incision.

Factors such as strenuous exercise, substantial weight gain, or pregnancy can cause stress on the healing abdominal tissue and should be avoided during this healing window.

There are over 400,000 repairs of Incisional/Ventral Hernias performed each year in the U.S.

When is an Incisional/Ventral Hernia Considered Dangerous?

Incisional/Ventral hernias do not go away by itself and requires surgery to repair. As a matter of fact, Incisional/Ventral Hernias, without treatment, can get larger and worsen with time. Untreated hernias can become difficult to repair and can lead to serious complications, such as strangulation of a portion of the intestine if not treated early. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent complications and even save your life.

Incisional/Ventral Hernias are therefore not something to be taken lightly. When in doubt, consult experienced Hernia Surgeon in Singapore Dr Kan today!

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What are the treatments available for Ventral or Incisional Hernia?

Surgery is necessary to push the protruding tissue back in place, remove any scar tissue, and adhere a surgical mesh on the hernia’s opening to prevent recurrence.

Our Hernia Surgeon in Singapore Dr Kan offers the full spectrum of surgical treatments for incisional/ventral Hernias, including minimally invasive/keyhole procedures such as laparoscopic incisional hernia repair, which is typically the most common choice amongst experienced surgeons.

Advantages of this approach compared with open hernia repair include a lower risk of infection and a faster rate of recovery.

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